Microsoft says “we don’t hate open-source software, and we can prove it”

 From a post by Nick Heath, changing attitude is not an easy thing to do. The post goes over Steve Balmer’s ‘Cancer’ quote describing Linux and moving forward. A great post. dream more here…



Windows 10 Fall Creator Update is Here!

Starts rolling out on October 17th. Some of the new features – New Look and Feel (Microsoft’s new Fluent Design System), One Drive is now in Explorer ( feature will let users see all their files stored on OneDrive from), My People Hub (My People Hub), More control over updates, new power control over battery life (Power Throttling), Microsoft Edge can talk to you now, and many more.

You can read more about in this post by By | October 11, 2017.

Microsoft News – 6-27-17

Microsoft News from what I have heard.

  • Microsoft’s service ends on Friday, December 15th, 2017. Microsoft is advising users to move their content to other file storage solutions. Read more…
  • Immersive Reader comes to Outlook on the Web and OneNote for Windows 10. Immersive Reader helps people read more effectively using Read Aloud, Spacing, Syllables and Parts of Speech. Microsoft is also adding new language and geographic availability for the Read Aloud, Syllables Parts of Speech. Read More….
  • Note-taking made easier as Microsoft updates the design OneNote for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and OneNote online. The focus of the update includes Simplifying navigation controls, creating consistency across devices, and enhancing usability controls for those whom use assertive technologies. Read More…