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You don’t need Windows? What?

 Just watched this from TechRepublic. A great post and shares information every user should know about their OS. Read more…

What?!?! Facebook shuts down robots after they invented their own language.

 Be careful what you ask for! I always say it and now maybe there is some credence to it. The research team at Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research built a “chatbot” that was supposed to learn how to negotiate by observing some human practices. Once researcher realized they weren’t using English, they shut them off. Read more (with video)…

Microsoft Azure Classes for FREE!

175-macbook@2x  What? Free? Yes, free. In partnership with Pluralsight, Microsoft and Pluralsight are offering training videos for Microsoft Azure. Everything from Getting Started, Azure Virtual Machines, Iaas Monitoring and Management. If this suits you, jump here to get started.


The Best MacBook Ever?


What’s the difference between the MacBook 2016 vs. the MacBook 2017? Take a read here by Kevin Lee from Tech Radar as he goes through the good and bad. Is it the best MacBook Ever?

Read More…