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Microsoft Azure Classes for FREE!

175-macbook@2x  What? Free? Yes, free. In partnership with Pluralsight, Microsoft and Pluralsight are offering training videos for Microsoft Azure. Everything from Getting Started, Azure Virtual Machines, Iaas Monitoring and Management. If this suits you, jump here to get started.


The 10 Easiest Programming Languages to Learn

174-imac@2x Read the Tech Republic blog this morning from   as she talks about the best options for programming languages. Let’s face it, some programming languages are more intuitive and easy to learn compared to others. I remember when I was in college and C/C++ were the “thing” but now we jump to Python, HTML, and Javascript. An interesting read for sure. Take a look and Read More…

The Best MacBook Ever?


What’s the difference between the MacBook 2016 vs. the MacBook 2017? Take a read here by Kevin Lee from Tech Radar as he goes through the good and bad. Is it the best MacBook Ever?

Read More…

Apple Tiawan Opens Up!!!

Huge crowds of customers gathered for the Grand Opening of Apple’s First Store in Taiwan on Saturday, July 1st. May customers showed up to explore the store and get their hands on Apple’s products and the latest tools!


IT Accidents are caused by Employees!


I read through TechRepublic’s article on on cybersecurity risk factors and employees remain the top threat within the enterprise. Uninformed or careless employees are one of the top causes of cybersecurity incidents the report reads. Read more here…

10 Years of the iPhone! Wow!

32-iphone@2x I can’t believe it’s been 10 years but I know without the phone, the world would be a different place. Even with problems with the early phones, millions upon millions purchased one up. That was even when no 3rd-Party Apps were allowed?!?!?

Can you imagine that now? Anyway, you can read more from the TechRadar Post Here. 

Have a great day out there



New Petya Malware Causing problems today, June 27th, 2017!

I just received and email from Malware Bytes one of my best technical tools to find and destroy viruses. As of this morning, tens of thousands of computers have been hit.

“A new strain of ransomware, a Petya-esque variant being called Petya/NotPetya, is  spreading across the globe today, impacting tens of thousands of computers. More powerful, professional, and dangerous than last month’s WanaCrypt0r attack, the Petya-esque ransomware uses the same EternalBlue exploit to target vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s operating system. However, unlike WanaCrypt0r, this ransomware instructs you to reboot your computer and then locks up your entire system. Long story short: if you get this infection, you’re hosed.” –

Update your Microsoft Windows software immediately.

Microsoft released a patch for this vulnerability in March. A patch is accessible here. We Don’t open suspicious emails folks! Office documents may be the cause of a lot of this via spam.


Stay Safe out There!

Microsoft News – 6-27-17

Microsoft News from what I have heard.

  • Microsoft’s service ends on Friday, December 15th, 2017. Microsoft is advising users to move their content to other file storage solutions. Read more…
  • Immersive Reader comes to Outlook on the Web and OneNote for Windows 10. Immersive Reader helps people read more effectively using Read Aloud, Spacing, Syllables and Parts of Speech. Microsoft is also adding new language and geographic availability for the Read Aloud, Syllables Parts of Speech. Read More….
  • Note-taking made easier as Microsoft updates the design OneNote for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and OneNote online. The focus of the update includes Simplifying navigation controls, creating consistency across devices, and enhancing usability controls for those whom use assertive technologies. Read More…